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book design & production

The 5 Things You Need to Print Your BookPressBooks
You’ve written your book. Now it’s time to get physical copies into your readers hands. Here’s what you’ll need to print your book.
Almost Everything You Need to Know about ISBNsIndies Unlimited
One of the most frequent questions I’ve heard lately from self-publishing authors is about ISBNs. Do you really need them? Do you really need to buy them? What are the pros and cons of buying an ISBN versus using the free or inexpensive ones offered by CreateSpace, BookBaby, Smashwords, and other online partners? Let’s see if we can clear that up some.
Choosing a Font for WritingMedium - David Hewson
Let’s talk about one of our favourite writing avoidance devices: picking the right font for your manuscript. Let me try to offer some words of advice stemming from twenty years of dealing with book manuscripts. If there’s something wrong with your screen setup it will nag at you.
12 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Book Cover DesignerBookBub
Your book’s cover provides a reader with a first impression of your work, and despite all advice to the contrary, people will judge your book by its cover. Since your cover design is such a huge factor in a book’s success, it’s worth the cost to hire a seasoned professional to create or redesign the cover. Before you commit to a cover designer, you should know what questions to ask him or her first.
Hanging in the Back Matter: Indents Are the RuleBook Designer, The
Hanging indents can be useful in many places, and especially for many kinds of lists, and it’s that quality that makes them such a good typographic device in the back matter of books, where most sections are lists of one kind or another. (Back matter are all those sections of additional information that follow the text of the book itself.)
Self-Publishing: Ebook, Paperback or Both?Small Blue Dog
Some people assume self-publishing is only ebooks, while others assume it’s only paperbacks. The truth is you can have either or both, and even a hardcover. How to decide what is right for you?
Why Self-Published Book Covers Are Better Than You ThinkPublishing Perspectives
CompletelyNovel’s “Lord of the Book Covers” competition revealed that many indie authors are using the same professional designers as traditional houses.
What to Expect from Your Book Cover DesignerReedsy
You’ve written a brief and commissioned a designer. What’s next? Bestselling book cover designer Simon Avery explains the process of working with a cover designer, from the first concepts up to the final payment.