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creativity & inspiration

Overcoming the 10 Biggest Obstacles to CreatingZen Habits
As much as we wish we could, it is impossible to completely get rid of the resistance to create — whether that’s creating art, starting a business, or writing. The resistance will always come up … but we have to learn how to overcome it, to work with it. You must conquer the obstacles that get in the way of the creation habit - on a daily basis.
Motivation For Creative People with Mark McGuinness [podcast]Creative Penn, The
We all want to write, but sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation. In this interview, Mark McGuinness explores what motivates us as creatives and what can keep us going for the long term.
What Writers Can Learn from PicassoOn The Write Track
The 11 illustrations which form Picasso’s work The Bull are a masterclass on the benefit of scrupulous cutting. They also reveal how creatives and writers can develop and find their unique voice through the process of editing.
Ten Tips for Tired WritersdiyMFA
The truth is, for most writers, being tired and spread too thin is a reality. We have full time jobs, families, second jobs, freelance work, and social engagements. We need time to read and fill the well. We need time to rest, and that makes writing time all the more precious. So what do you do when you’re tired, but need to write?
Need Writing Inspiration? 5 Unexpected Places to Find ItWrite Life, The
When the words stop flowing and the muse refuses to sing, it’s up to each of us to thaw that freeze and find new tales, wherever they may be hiding. If you’re having trouble activating your imagination, try looking in these five unusual places for a burst of writing inspiration.
The Murky Middle: 3 Tricks to Keep Writing When You Want to Give UpTomi Adeyemi
The Murky Middle is the moment when the excitement and momentum of starting a new story fades and the idea of continuing seems pointless. No matter how many words you write or how your page count grows, it feels like you’ll never reach the end. You start doubting whether your story is worth fighting through this. The dread of trying to write everyday hangs over your head. It’s an uphill battle, but there are strategies to get you through it.
Don’t Quit! 5 Ways to Recharge Your WritingNanoWriMo Blog, The
We’re now nearly at the halfway mark for NaNoWriMo, and while some of us are plowing full speed ahead, many of us are struggling. And I’m here to tell you: if that’s the case, you are not alone. There are some tried and true strategies for getting back on track and moving forward. Maybe these will work for you, too. If you’re good and stuck, they’re certainly worth a shot!
The 5 Stages of Rejection (for Writers)Mandy Wallace
There’s no way around it: rejections sucks. And even with the promise I gave myself to deal with rejection with dignity and perseverance, to walk this path with courage and nerves of steel, I found the reality of rejection full of emotional pitfalls. Because even if you plan for rejection from publishers ahead of time, it still hurts to see that No Thank You in your inbox.