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e-books & e-publishing

How to Set Up Pre-orders for Self-published E-BooksHow-to For Authors
Making your book available for pre-order is a great way to satisfy that universal urge for immediacy. For potential readers who are following up a direct lead to your book, it gives them the option to set up a purchase there and then; for those who discover your book through search or algorithmic recommendation, it reduces the risk that they will move on and buy something similar that is available to buy/pre-order.
SEO for Books and EbooksJust Publishing Advice
SEO for books and ebooks is a term that probably makes most authors shudder at the thought. Isn’t SEO for books some kind of technological science for geeks? In fact, no. SEO for books is quite straightforward, and with a little bit of time spent improving your SEO, you can increase your book’s discoverability and exposure in the long term.
10 Mistakes I Made as a Successful First Time Kindle Author (So You Don’t Have To) Location180
Over the last two years one of the biggest trends I’ve seen, is people having success self-publishing books on Kindle. If you’re thinking of writing a book for Kindle, or even if you already have, take some time and read through this to ensure you set yourself up for the best chance of success!
Preparing Images for Your E-BookBook Designer, The
Start by finding the perfect picture to go with your words. You’re going to crop the picture (cutting out any extraneous bits) and enhance it (or get someone who knows how to do so) so that it looks beautiful.
8 Reasons Your E-Book Price Promotion Didn’t WorkBookBub
Running an ebook price promotion can be an effective way to drive a high volume of downloads, increase revenue, boost a book up a bestseller list, drive series sales, and more. But running a successful book marketing campaign requires more than just dropping the price and hoping you’ll catch readers’ attention.
E-Book Author? You Don’t Need A BlogAngela Booth
Everyone and his brother (and I) have told you: you must have a blog. Here’s the bad news: it’s true. Eventually, you’ll need a blog. But if you’ve just published your first ebook on Amazon, you don’t need a blog right now. You’ve got better things to do — like write another book.
How to Publish an E-Book: Resources for AuthorsJane Friedman
About the only thing that remains constant in e-book publishing is that it changes—everything from the services to marketing strategies. Here, I’ve attempted to round-up all the good resources I know of related to (1) learning to publish an e-book, (2) finding the right e-publishing services, and (3) staying on top of changes in the industry.