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general advice

I Can't Finish My Story! Failure to Launch, a (Common) Writer NightmareDan Alatorre – Author
It’s not uncommon to see the finish line and suddenly become… intimidated. Truman Capote said finishing a story is like taking your child out in the back yard and shooting it. Oh yes he did Oh yes he did See? Why is that? Why do so many writers get so far along and then not finish?
Knowing the Rules so You Can Break ThemStory Grid, The
Besides the fact that every writer wants to be read and the best way to learn whether or not your Story is reaching people is to tally the number of people willing to part with their hard-earned cash to experience your work, understanding exactly how and why certain kinds of Stories find an audience much faster than others allows an artist to make informed choices about just what it is he wants to devote years of his life to creating.
Five Things My Mentors Have Taught Me about WritingA Writer's Path
Writing itself is a solo activity. Being a writer is not. We can teach ourselves how to write stories and read books and try to get better, but it’s working with other writers, and finding mentors to guide us, that make us great at what we do.
Thinking About Writing in Multiple Genres? Here’s What You Need to KnowBook Designer, The
There has been a persistent sentiment over the years among agents and publishers in the traditional publishing world: stick to one genre. But does that advice still apply in today’s publishing world? And more to the point, does that advice apply if you’re choosing to self-publish?
3 Reasons Why Great Writers Always Work AloneCopyblogger
Collaboration is all the rage these days. Collaboration is good — don’t get me wrong. But often the best work comes from people who’ve been holed up — away from people. There are reasons why great writers work best alone.
Confessions of a Perfectionist WriterWrite Practice, The
To be a writer you need to let go of your work being perfect. Our perfectionism and constant desire to be better and improve our craft is an incredible motivation. We can learn great lessons from our perfectionism without allowing it to control us.
How to Finish a Book: 3 Qualities of Writers Who Finally Get ‘er DoneJerry Jenkins
If there’s anything harder than starting your book, it’s finishing, right? You want to. You mean to. You have the best intentions when you sit before that keyboard. But then comes that accusatory voice, criticizing every sentence, telling you you’re not good enough. Before you know it, the day is gone and the cycle begins again tomorrow. It’s time to break out and actually finish.
Why November Is a Critical Month for Authorsbublish
November is one of those months that sneak up on you. One day it’s Halloween; the next, you’re in the throws of the holiday shopping season. Though you might resent the reality of “Christmas Creep,” it makes November a critical month for your publishing business.