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14 Ways to Avoid Being Accused of PlagiarismJennifer Derrick
Plagiarism is a serious issue and it’s no longer limited primarily to academic circles. The need to meet ever-shorter deadlines, fill content mills, build a backlist of novels to generate more sales, and churn out more and more articles to satisfy hungry blog readers is leading to an increase in plagiarized work. No matter how it happens, it can lead to serious legal trouble if you are caught. You want to do everything you can to avoid this kind of trouble.
Doing it Right: Rights, Licenses and the Indian WayPublishing Perspectives
Vinutha Mallya surveys the evolving rights and licensing scene in India, especially for sub-markets in Tamil, Bangla, Malayalam and other languages.
What All Indie Authors Need To Know About Their Copyright PageBookWorks
The one page in your book most readers probably will skip over is also the one you can’t forget about: that page right behind the book’s title page, the one packed with small print. And while this is a page you don’t have to worry about while writing — I usually wait until shortly before printing to take care of it — you do need to make sure your book has the right stuff on its “verso page.”
5 Legal Must-Haves for Your WebsiteCopyblogger
Most of your customers don’t walk around handing out their credit card information and home addresses to shady characters on the street. In fact, most people these days wouldn’t even give their email addresses to those they don’t really know. Ditto on the Internet. Before people will spend money, post comments, opt in to your mailing list, or take any action you want them to do when they arrive at your website, they need to feel safe. Safety leads to trust, trust to loyalty, loyalty to purchases and shares.
Do You Need to Copyright your Manuscript? Will it Prevent Book Piracy?Anne R. Allen
Should I pay to copyright my manuscript? Will a publisher or agent steal my plot from a query? How can I protect my ideas? People who are paranoid about the theft of an unpublished manuscript or who obsess about somebody "stealing their ideas" red-flag themselves as amateurs.