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website tips

Bad Websites, Good Websites, and How to Know the Difference WildFire Marketing
You have a website. I have a website. Almost everyone has a website. But, how do you know if your website is actually good or bad? How do you accurately judge between sites that are effective or ineffective?
11 Reasons Why I Won't Be Returning To Your BlogWriters Write
There are so many blogs out there. I visit a lot on books and writing, and sometimes it’s difficult to know which one to choose. I may be drawn to a great headline or a topic that is close to my heart. I am often driven by impulse and I happily click on an irresistible image or interesting subject. Once I’m on your blog and you have my attention, please don’t disappoint me. If you do, I will probably not visit your site again. Life is too short for many things, including bad coffee, bad people, and bad blogs.
How to Increase Your Visitors' Scroll Depth (and Get People to Read Your Stuff)Filament
What the heck is “Scroll Depth”? It means how far down the page your visitors scroll, once they arrive at one of your posts. And I should care about it because…? Because if no-one’s scrolling through your content, there’s a pretty good chance they’re not even reading the post you so carefully crafted for their consumption! And if no-one’s reading your stuff, well, that’s a problem, mmkay?
Low Hanging Fruit: Five Overlooked Ways to Optimize Your Author Content for SEOWhere Writers Win
After almost a decade of working in the search engine optimization industry I’ve seen numerous occurrences where a website left money on the table by missing the low hanging fruit of SEO opportunities. Large or small, missing these easy-to-implement SEO opportunities can cost an author untold revenue, all because of a little tweak here or there that would make an author website appear more actively in search results.
The 5 Basic Elements of an Author WebsiteBook Designer, The
There are zillions of posts on the Internet that will tell you what your website should look like. But what if you’re an author? Does all that advice meant for businesses and twenty-something entrepreneurs apply to you? Yes and no. Confusing, eh? What’s missing in all the advice out there is information about a page on your website dedicated for your books. And if you want to generate more reader interest, at least one romance author I’ve met includes a page for her readers’ book club.
Authors: Does Your Book and/or Author Website Include Book Club Questions?Where Writers Win
It’s no secret (at least around here!) that book clubs are critical and wonderful influencers when it comes to talking up new books, and why our book club listings are a key component of WWW’s Winner Circle. We encourage every WWW author to develop a list of at least 10-12 thoughtful questions that relate to their book(s). Here’s how to get going with your own set of book club questions, and what to do with them once you have them!