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social media

Does an Author Really Need Social Media?Fix My Story
It’s inevitable: The instant you release a book or decide you’re going to be an author, you start finding articles and advice everywhere about social media. The cloud of advice is thick and vast, and it’s generally confusing and contradictory to boot. And that leaves you wondering what you’re really supposed to do with social media.
9 Most Probable Reasons Your Social Media Strategy FailsBrand 24
Social media is a popular channel for marketing communication. However, it often happens that social media strategy fails at some point. There might be plenty of reasons for that, but there are a few most popular mistakes that marketers still make in their strategies. Avoid them and find out what’s behind social media success.
A Checklist for Choosing the Right Social Media ToolsCK Syme
There are more than 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month. According to Twitter, there are 500 million tweets posted every day. An average of 70 million images are shared on Instagram daily. Add websites and email to that list and you have a flood of information flowing on the internet that is impossible to keep up with. Every day we are inundated with more messages than we can absorb. How do you decide what social media channels will help you break through the traffic to reach potential readers and sell more books?
5 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Presence from Your PhoneHootsuite
There are two billion active social media users worldwide and 81 percent of them access social media via mobile. Mobile social media presents a huge opportunity for businesses to improve connections with customers. As global consumers increasingly rely on mobile for internet access, entertainment, news, information, and communication, businesses must adapt. To help you reach your mobile and social savvy customers, read on for five great tips about managing social media on mobile and learn how our latest Mobile Web updates make it even easier to stay on top of your social presence from anywhere.
Here Are 5 Reasons Instagram Really Matters (Especially for 2016)Social Media Today
This is a big statement from MDG Advertising: Instagram may be the single biggest opportunity for social media marketers next year. Can it be true? We’ve heard plenty this year from Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, as their uses and back end business deals fluctuate, but Instagram has been the steady social platform not making too much noise. But that just might be what makes it 2016’s winner. Its consistency has made it the fastest growing platform around right now.
The Difference Between Marketing and Building a CommunityHootsuite
With the rise of social media, community-building became an essential part of connecting with potential customers online. But you can’t treat it like you would traditional marketing. Building a community requires a fresh approach, one that puts people above product and encourages a real two-way relationship.
A Facebook Author Page, Still Worth It?Reedsy
Is Facebook being unfair? Should you really bother growing a fanbase there if you have to pay to reach it afterwards? The short answer is yes. For the long answer, we actually did a bit of research on different Facebook writing groups, asking authors how and why they keep a Facebook author page.
10 Pinterest Accounts Every Author Should FollowWise Ink Blog
So you’re in a rut. You’re all written out, writer’s block has become a full time profession, and you’ve resorted to mindlessly bumbling around the web just for something to do (and, possibly, to look like you’re doing something). That’s okay—kind of. We fully endorse bumbling around the web so long as you’re doing so with a purpose. The web has an unbelievable amount of content that can act as a catalyst for your writing; you just need to know where to look. A good way to start? Instead of checking out pumpkin spice everything on Pinterest, take a look at these accounts: