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health & lifestyle

Why You Still Want To Kick Someone’s Butt Even Though You Meditate (And Why It’s Okay)A Daring Adventure
You’ve been lied to. You’ve been told meditation will turn you into a sweetly smiling saint; endlessly kind, patient, and positive. But that’s a crock. You’re not an android. You’re built to have feelings. Meditation won’t erase them. And that’s good! Because without emotions your life would be as flat as a gravestone.
10 Feelings Experienced When A Writer Friend’s Book Is Launched Blondewritemore
This post is dedicated to all my writing friends and blogging friends who have recently published or are in the process of launching a book. You are all an inspiration to me!
Feedback Loops: How to Master the Invisible Hand That Shapes Our LivesJames Clear
In the unexamined life, it can be easy to slide into a downward spiral of bad habits and unproductive behaviors because of poorly designed feedback loops that trigger us to eat more, smoke often, and worry too much. Thankfully, the reverse is true as well. Carefully designed feedback loops can help us stick with good habits and regulate behaviors that would be unhealthy if they spiraled out of control.
How to Keep Your Everyday Negative Emotions in PerspectiveLocation180
When you think about what could be worse, and focus on the good things you already have, it becomes much easier to gloss over the minor annoyances in life leading to less stress and a greater sense of happiness.
Free Your Mind To Fulfill Your Writing GoalsFeng Shui For Writers
No matter what your goal is, no matter how easy or hard you may think it is to attain, the first step that you must take is to declutter your mind. One of the reasons for which you still haven’t reached your writing goals, is the fact that all of what you’ve learned and heard about publishing your book or about becoming a successful writer, were implemented ideas that are now blocking their fulfillment inside you.
Take Super-Good Care of the Thing That Takes Care of the WritingLucy Flint
It's too easy for a writer to treat her body like an afterthought. It's just the mass of bones and muscles that keep our writing brains from scrabbling around on the ground, right? Our fingers are simply the instruments our brains use to reach the keyboard, and mouths were clearly made for just one thing: Coffee reception. It's too easy to fall into that trap, but I have a suspicion: A ridiculously healthy body just might be a writer's best weapon.
Can Ambitious Writers Be Happy, Too?Writing and Wellness
We all reach the big goals we set up for ourselves and then almost instantly turn around and decide that yeah, that was great, but really, things will be so much better when we reach that goal. Drive is a good thing for artists. Without it, we’d never overcome all the obstacles we need to overcome to succeed. But when does that “grass is greener” thinking start to become destructive? When does our inability to be happy where we are start sabotaging our quality of life?
Noticing When Comfort Lulls You into Making Imbalanced Creative CompromisesCreative Katrina
Your creative impulse is working and making things to share in the world, but it feels routine rather than inspired, and sometimes even like a chore to cross off your list. It can be a challenge to stay present and mindful of what’s flowing towards or away from you, as you’ve unknowingly slipped into cruise control mode, cuddled by a sense of security and contentedness.